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May 7, 2008

Blog: My Roommate is a Dick

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My Roommate is a Dick

Pictures, stories, and the occasional video documenting horrible roommates. Hysterical. Take this entry for example:

Dear Roommate,

When I said I would split groceries with you, I didn’t think it would include the box of condoms. Not only that, you put your initials on 6 of em. What the fuck is that all about. At least be happy one of us in the house is getting laid you cheap f*ck.


May 6, 2008

Lifehacker and Micropayments

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Life Hacker

Here is a cool little blog that boasts tips and tricks for “getting things done.” Actually, there is nothing little about this blog at all, it’s one of the most visited on the net.

Take a look at this excerpt from an article I found particularly helpful called Tackle Your Debt with Micropayments:

In short, pay what you can afford, and then scrape together whatever else you can during the month and send in multiple, smaller payments… Believe it or not, [a friend] got to the point where he was sending Citibank an extra $5 each and every day via online billpay. By making a game out of finding an extra $5/day, he managed to stay motivated and slay the debt beast well ahead of schedule.

That is the gist of what they do over at Life Hacker. A lot of the advice is tech/computer oriented, but there is some other good stuff like how to organize your laundry system so that you don’t have clothes all over you floor.

May 4, 2008

Blog: Shrink Talk

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Shrink Talk

For all you Psych majors out there, here is a really good read (and another Rudius Media author).

Shrink Talk is written by a therapist named Dr. Rob, and he discusses pretty much every aspect of therapy you can possibly imagine. He’s got some great stories about patients, some advice for aspiring psychologists, anecdotes about the field, Q&A sessions, and more.

Maybe I just like it because I’m a Psych major myself, but he really presents the material well. This isn’t like reading a textbook on abnormal psych, and it’s not like reading the blog of some funny dude that happens to work in mental health. He discusses real issues and gives real, solid information, but it never comes across as stuffy or uptight. Some of the stories will really entertain you.

Like I said, it’s a great read, especially for Psych majors. Check it out.

May 1, 2008

Blog: One Red Paperclip

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One Red Paperclip

This is awesome! I heard about this story a long time ago and forgot about it until just now when I stumbled upon the official website/blog.

The basic story is that this guy started with a single red paperclip. His goal was to keep trading it for better and better things until he eventually acquired “a house, or an island, or a house in the islands.” The crazy thing is that he actually did it. It only took him 14 trades too. Ridiculous.

Click the link above and then click one of the items pictured below the title. Clicking each item will give you the story of how he traded for it. Not so much great writing here, just a ridiculously awesome story. Like so many other great ideas, you only think of it once someone else does it. Damnit.

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